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our home is on the hill

​Phi Alpha Mu is a local sorority officially founded in 1926 at McDaniel (then Western Maryland) College in Westminster, MD. With hundreds of alumni, both past and present members of Phi Alpha Mu maintain a close bond, not only in Maryland, but around the world. 

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Maddie Sellers
Spring '24 A

Initiation was a very important event to me. Joining Phi Alph gave me a sisterhood and home. The night was a fun expereince where i bonded with my sisters and was able to fully be a member of Phi Alpha Mu.


Amia Groomes
Fall '22

The Phi Alpha Mu values matter to me because I connect them to being a leader, a good person, and an even better friend. Something to live by to be an upstanding person.


Julia Hurlock
Fall '21

I joined Phi Alph because I wanted to be apart of something special and find friends who will always be there to support me, graduating and becoming an alumn I am so excited to come back and visit and I am so thankful for all the friendships I made. 

Why phi alpha mU?

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