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our home is on the hill

​Phi Alpha Mu is a local sorority officially founded in 1926 at McDaniel (then Western Maryland) College in Westminster, MD. With hundreds of alumni, both past and present members of Phi Alpha Mu maintain a close bond, not only in Maryland, but around the world. 


Logan Sweeney
Spring '21

I joined because it is a sorority I felt the most comfortable to be myself around. It is so many people from different backgrounds and everyone is so unique and different, but no one judges anyone for being who they are. The members are true friends for life. 


Rachael Hartley
Spring '20

I joined Phi Alph because I wanted to be more involved and I love how welcoming and supportive all the members are! :)


Julia Hurlock
Fall '21

I joined Phi Alph because i wanted to be apart of something special and find friends who will always be there to support me!

Why phi alpha mU?

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