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our history

Phi Alpha Mu traces its origins to 1923 and a group of people on the Hill who called themselves the "Snake Charmers". Jokingly labeling themselves the "Find A Man" Club, or F.A.M., the group grew, eventually fusing with Zeta Gamma to become Phi Alpha Mu. At this time, the club adopted purple and white as its official colors, the purple pansy as its flower, the purple cow as its mascot, and the torch of learning as its symbol. These symbols are still maintained and cherished today.


In 1941, Phi Alpha Mu adopted Gamma Beta Chi as its brother fraternity. Though Gamma Beta Chi no longer has an active chapter at McDaniel College, the relationship between these two greek organizations continues to this day. 

In the 1970s and 1980s, there was a great deal of pressure for Phi Alpha Mu to "go National". Phi Alpha Mu has rejected this possibility out of the desire to uphold self-made rules, constitutions, and sacred traditions without national influence, in order to maintain the intimacy, closeness, and uniqueness of our family. 


our values

Our Values are Love, Trust, Loyalty, Respect, and Melioration.


Love is the power that we spread around campus and with our sisters and siblings.

Trust means trusting the process and your siblings throughout all hardships and joy.

Loyalty is faithfulness to ourselves, our guidance, and our sisters and siblings.

Respect is the energy we put forth between one another

Melioration is us making the better. 


our mission statement

Our mission is to promote love, trust, loyalty, and respect between each sibling and to support growth and learning as individuals and as a group while providing service and compassion to our community, there by ensuring the survival of the group and the group's ideals.

our creed


"Love and siblinghood, our principle, yet lofty ideals, are obtainable only through a concentrated effort by every member of Phi Alpha Mu. Membership in this sorority connotes responsibility, a willingness to give the most of ourselves at all times; for halfhearted efforts are meaningless and can do us no good. A sister must be willing to accept such a responsibility with pleasure. Membership also means unwavering loyalty to and pride in Phi Alpha Mu. If one, only one, member does not sincerely believe that she is part of "the best sorority on The Hill" and is not willing to work to keep it so, then as a consequence, the entire sorority will suffer. There are no secrets among the sisters of Phi Alpha Mu. Nothing can be called a secret when a group of people as large as us, share in its knowledge. Yet this sharing cannot reach beyond the bounds of our clubroom. How can we distinguish ourselves, what will make us different from any other group of persons if their awareness of our fortunes and problems is equal to ours? Upon formal initiation, a person has committed themselves to this responsibility, loyalty, and pride. This committment is not to be taken lightly, never to be forgotten, and never to be placed second to involvement in any activity."

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